Alles wat hier beschreven staat is fictie...maar het zou zomaar gebeuurd kunnen zijn.

Hieronder het verhaal van Alexei Goldman, wiens brief werd gevonden op Amerikaanse servers door Wikileaks. Hij verteld over zijn leven, hoe hij opgroeide in de Oekraiene en daar zijn ouders verloor door de Nazi terreur en zijn rol in de aanslagen op 11 september.


When Wikileaks and Bradley Manning were headline news. There was one file from the leaked Bradley Manning files that was soon forgotten. It was a cable about an Israeli officer who was taken prisoner by the Americans. He is known as Alexei and some think the person involved must be Alexei Goldman, an Israeli who has been presumed dead for five years now. The Israeli and U.S. governments deny the existence of such a person and deny the allegations made in the files. The New York Times and The Guardian told their readers it were fake files, who were put on the internet by some anti-Semite left wing group. We searched for the widow of Alexei, Hannah Goldman and found her. She would not comment on our questions for reasons of personal safety.

The following is presumed to be written by Alexei Goldman.

(From a hacked CIA cable. Source: Wikileaks)

9/11 why we did it

For what it’s worth, I will tell my story…

Dear Hannah, sorry for my poor writing skills. My English is not that good but I am not allowed to write in Hebrew. I am allowed to write a letter to my loved ones but I have to write it in English so they can read what I write. I think these will be my last words so I will use them wisely and try to tell my life’s story so maybe you’ll understand my motives and maybe you can forgive my sins by knowing them. Know that I love you and always will.

The game’s over and as always, just when I thought I got it…just when I thought I understood the world, the system and our place in history, I understood that my life, my goals, my mission and our so called special place in God’s plan was a big lie.

My story began 68 years ago in my birth place in the Ukraine. I never really spoke with you about these things but now my end is near, my history may form a plea for the things I have done.

I can only imagine what my parents would have thought on the morning of the 11 September of 1941, when German and Ukraine soldiers took our family from our little house.

What were they thinking when they stood above the mass grave, moments before a member of police battalion 101 shot a bullet through their heads? Where they thinking that all their life up to that point had been a big waste of time. Were they thinking of me? They must have been worried to death about me, yeah, really to death. What does a person think when you’re whole family lie in a mass grave right before you? All the wisdom and stories of their family’s were erased in a few hours. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution were destroyed. I later heard from a lone survivor, a neighbor from my parents, that most victims were very quiet and peaceful going to their deaths. The man told me it was a beautiful day. No clouds in the sky. He remembered thinking by himself how ironic it was that he enjoyed the surroundings when they were marched to the pit. How could something so horrendous, so awful happen on such a beautiful day. He saw my mum and dad give each other a quick kiss before they were separated with a blow from a big stick.

The man were separated from the women and the men were killed first. There was a small ravine which was made bigger by explosives and some Jewish men, who were taken from the village three days before the massacre, did the rest of the work. These workers were the first victims and lay at the bottom of the pit.

My neighbor told me there were a few Ukrainian guards who were released from prison. These guards were especially cruel to the Jews because they and their family’s suffered from the Bolshevik government in the Ukraine. My father was a local bolshevik leader and he was singled out and beaten severely just before he was shot. These Ukraine’s hated Jews because they were held accountable for the famine in Ukraine which killed millions of people some 10 years before my father and mother were killed. Ever since the Bolsheviks came to power in Russia, anti Semitism was forbidden and punishable. A lot of the leaders of the bolshevik party were from Jewish origin and that created a lot of bad blood against the Jews who already had their share of Jew hate during the many pogroms. Tens of thousands of Soviet citizens were killed by the NKVD, the much hated soviet secret police, who were often led by Jews. Genrikh Yagoda, head of the NKVD, was a Jew and he was held responsible for millions of deaths.

The Germans began their killing campaigns at the beginning of operation Barbarossa, when the Nazi Army devastated the Russian army in the first few months of their campaign. When the fighting was done the Einsatzgruppen, the murder squads, came and where ordered to kill all who were a danger to the Nazi occupation. A lot of people who were thought to play a part in a resistance movement were killed and after that the Jews were killed. In the beginning only the men but after a while men, women and children were killed.

I was lucky. In the beginning of the war, there was a lot of doubt among the SS leaders, if they should kill children as well. The Jewish children in my village were rounded up and brought to a big house at the edge of the village near the forest. We were held there for three days without any water or food. It was hell on earth. Children were crying all day long and the floor was filled with piss and shit from the baby’s. After three days there came two ladies from the villages that were ordered to clean the house, meanwhile three SS officers were discussing our fate.

I later heard that in the evening of the third day there came a phone call from the home front in which the order came for the killing of the children. The SS leadership had decided that children were a future danger for the Nazi occupation. When they grew up they could avenge their parents.

The SS officers had an argument about who should kill the more than 100 children. They decided some Ukrainian men should do it. The next morning they had to kill the children in the forest near the mass grave of their parents who were killed three days before.

Long after the war I read an eyewitness account of the killing. A German soldier told his girlfriend that he couldn’t sleep for days after he saw the killing of the children. As long as he lived, he would not forget these horrible things he had seen. It made him wonder about all that he had learned in the years before the war in Germany, about the future of the Third Reich and his role in it. What possible good can come out of the mass killing of children, what kind of people where the Germans if the philosophy of the Nazi’s lead to this? The eyes and tears of those children would haunt him for the rest of his life.

I was lucky, is that all there is in life? Pure and simple, dumb luck? One of the ladies, who cleaned the house, became my mother. She and my future dad had no children and when she saw me, a blond and blue eyed, four year old boy, her heart melted and she was able to get me out of the house. She pretended I was her child, when one of the German guards stopped her. Because of my blond hair and blue eyes the guard was misled. My mother had cleaned me up in the house and took some clean cloth with her from her sister’s boy.

They were great parents. I loved them very much. To be honest I never talked about my biological parents until I was eighteen. My real parents, or the parents who adopted me, were killed in a crash. They were visiting family in Odessa, when a big truck hit the part of the bus where my parents were sitting. I was devastated off course. I loved these people with all my heart. Simple people with great warm hearts. Hard working and humoristic, god fearing people. My dad was a hard but very honest man, who hated injustice. My mother was a really good cook and she always supported me.

A few days after the funeral, an aunt told me the truth about my biological parents and the way they had died. That information triggered a nerve. In those days I was a ship without a rudder and desperately searching for meaning and direction in my life. Those revelations gave me direction. I visited the site of the mass grave where my biological parents were killed and got to know everything there was to know about Jews, Judaism and Israel. I decided to leave Ukraine and to go living in Israel. With the little in heritage I got, I bought a ticket for a boat trip to Turkey, from where we sailed to Israel.

It was 1955; the Israeli state was seven years old. I arrived with a lot of other Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union. Among them where a lot of holocaust survivors. We were housed in a tent city outside of Tel Aviv. I got work in construction and I had to serve in the Israeli army. It was there that the story started which got me where I am now.

I had always been good at sports and my school grades had always been really pleasing to my parents. I think I had good genes. While serving in the army I was asked to join a Special Forces unit. I had nothing to lose and I was young. The state of Israel was all I had.

At that time I began to form my philosophy of life. When I was in the tent city I heard the horrible stories of the holocaust survivors. One man told me he had to bury his wife and two children after he was appointed to carry and bury the dead from the gas chambers. He hadn’t seen them for some days because the men were separated from the women and children when they arrived at the camp. He told me his heart stood still, when he recognized his wife and he wanted to commit suicide when he saw his children but somehow the forces of life made him go on. He buried them and a few months later he had to dig them up again to be burnt.

I made up my mind then. Never again became my motto. I became convinced that life only respects the will to power and that life is a struggle for power, money and resources. All the talk about love and god was pure bullshit. The only thing that counted was the survival of your genes. We had to make sure the genes of the Jews and the state of Israel survived. The only thing that mattered to me from that time was the survival of the Jewish race.

After a few years in the Special Forces service I was told to meet a general. I was told by this general to set up a special team. Our task would be to create False Flag operations. False Flag operations are military actions which suggest they were carried out by the enemy. The objective of these missions is to create a positive environment for your cause.

We became masters at this, all though they sometimes went wrong. A year before my arrival a false flag action went wrong when an Israel spy ring was rounded up by the Egyptian authorities. The plan was to let some bombs explode in western embassies and other western buildings and to leave evidence that Arab terrorists did this. It all went wrong and the Israeli agents were captured. The case became known as “the Lavon affair” Named after the Israeli minister of defense who had to resign over this.

Another famous case in which I was involved was the attack on the USS Liberty in June 1967. 24 U.S. marines were killed by Israeli planes and boats. The boats and planes had Egyptian flags on them. The Americans didn’t take the bait and President Johnson of the US, who was a friend of Israel and for whatever other reason, decided to keep the attack a secret.

Later on we were getting better at it. In all the years I worked for the False Flag department, we gained a lot of support for the Israeli cause. Since Johnson we had the US government in our pocket. Jewish advisors, most of them later became the famous NeoConservatives, were household names in the White House. We also got to handle most of the press and media in de US. Almost all of Hollywood was in the hands of Jewish people and most of the big media corporations were owned by Jews. That way we could push the Zionist ideas on the American people. A lot of the evangelical Americans looked at Jews as a special people with whom god had a greater plan. When the Jews lost support of the left they switched over to the right, which became the Neo Conservative movement. This Neo Conservative movement got the idea in the Americans' heads that the interest of the US was the same as the interest of Israel. Maybe they were right for the one percent richest Americans but the rest of America got a lousy deal.

But then again, why should we care about the US. After World War 2, I learned the real story about the role of the US in WW2 from a Mossad officer. Those fucking bastard where in one bed with the Nazi’s and they never cared one bit for the Jews. They used the Jews and Israel for their own advantage. The Nazi’s where financed by the US elite who worked together with the German elite. The big enemy, for these capitalist pigs, were the communist and they used the Nazi’s to destroy the communist in Europe. They were so afraid that they would lose their investments in Europe and elsewhere to the Bolshevik uprising, that they sacrificed 70 million people for their cause. The Jews were in the center of Bolshevism in their view so they had to be murdered. When it all went wrong and the Russians beat the Germans they decided to rescue Western Europe. Those Communist had to be contained. When allied forces where still fighting the Nazi’s, British troops were fighting communist in Greece and the communist in Italy who had fought against the Nazi’s we’re the new enemy.

After WW2 they used Israel to divide and conquer the Middle East, which should stop the rise of a big communist or Arab empire with a lot of oil to back it up. Thanks to WW2 these multinational Nazi’s could conquer the world. WW2 created a power vacuum that was filled by the U.S. The world had changed. Many nations fought against their former masters and millions lost their lives just after the war through revenge, diseases and hunger. People we’re rising up all over the world. Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Algeria and Palestine. Imperialists were chased away and often replaced by dictators. The U.S . stood by as long as there interest we’re protected. Millions of people were killed in Cambodia, Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, with active involvement or passive agreement from the U.S.

After World War 2 the world was taken over by a sort of MultiNational Mafia Syndicate. The CIA is the representative of this syndicate. Everyone who stood in their way was removed, bribed or killed. They created a financial system which made the dollar the reserve currency. With the Marshall plan they put all the competition in debt and they created markets for loans and products. When governments refused to give the multinationals an open market and good terms, the opposition was put in power. When countries nationalized oil fields, they signed their death warrants. All the natural resources in the world had to be available to multinationals and laws should be adapted to them. The Nazi and Japanese scientist we´re brought to the U.S., most of them we´re war criminals, and their research results, some of them from human testing, we´re used for the new American empire, which was put together from U.S and Western European multi nationals. The big German companies’ we´re never bombed during the war. They made a lot of money from the war and slave labor. All the while they put their money in foreign bank accounts and we’re financed by U.S. banks. That war was a big, fucking scam.

So now you know why we couldn’t care less about those dead Americans.

Maybe, you’ll understand now why we did those terrible things. I believe firmly in the survival of the fittest. I heard a story of a man who had to empty the gas chambers in Auschwitz. He said the people were all on top of each other when they opened the doors of the gas chambers. All piled up, the weakest, the children, sick and elderly at the bottom and the strongest on top. A big wall of dead people, trying to escape the zyklon b gas which began its deadly work at the bottom.

Fathers who trampled their own children in a last attempt to survive. That’s how strong the survival instinct is when nature takes over. So when you believe, as I do, that it is a matter of eating or being eaten. Kill or get killed, you may understand why we planned the attacks. Maybe you’ll hate me for it but it was all for our survival. Survival that’s what I learned from the genocide of my people, my family, and my parents. Survivals till you’re the last person on earth.

So since Johnson we had power over the US power structure. We beat our Arab enemies in 1967 and 1973 but after the 1980’s and the upcoming power of Iraq and Iran we felt more threatened. We decided to use the USA to get rid of our enemies.

Our False Flag department decided to use Arab terrorists to attack targets in the US. Our first action in 1993, when we attacked the WTC towers, was a smoke screen for our later actions. It created an excuse to put our teams in the towers. They placed thermite all over the place.

With Iran and Iraq coming to power in our region, we started to think more and more about the future of Israel and our place in the region. We hoped the US would destroy the regime of Saddam Hussein but they didn’t. So we thought of ways to push the U.S. in that direction. We were convinced that we needed an attack on the U.S. to get the American people to the point where they would align with our objectives. We started recruiting Arab agents who were convinced they we’re attacking the U.S. in the name of the Muslim Arab world.

The project for a new American century, a Zionist lobby group wrote in the 90’s that the U.S. needed a Pearl Harbor like event to get the Americans in a position where they would accept the new pre emptive tactics to get the U.S. and Israel where they would control central Asia, which would be vital for the stability of the American empire. A policy which most important points were the continuation of the petro-dollar system, securing the flow of oil to the U.S. and the safety of the state of Israel. At the same time an Israeli report came out called “A clean break” This report aimed at the destabilization and destruction of Israel’s enemies for which they needed the support of the U.S.

So the political groundworks we’re laid. All that we needed was a president who was completely in our pocket. George W Bush was the chosen one. He surrounded himself with a lot of Neo conservatives who subscribed to the Project for a new American century policies. Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Libby, Bolton, Abrahams, Kristol, Zackheim, Zoellick, all served in one way or another in the Bush White House and all of them were members of PNAC.

Preparations were made. The WTC towers were chosen for its symbolic value. In the Arab world these towers are a sexual, penis like, symbol. It was the heart of the American financial power, in a city that everyone in the world knows. The security of the towers was done by a brother of George W Bush and the airport security was done by an Israeli firm. The WTC was owned by Larry Silverstein, who is a Jew. He renewed the insurance policy of the building a few months before the attacks, after we warned him.

Our American friends had told us that there would be a big NORAD Drill, which would lay down the whole North American air defense system. Normally a plane that changes course and doesn’t respond to the traffic commanders, is scrambled by US fighter planes and shot down if necessary. This happens 100 times a year. Doing a real attack on a practice day gives a lot of smoke and officials are not able to decide what’s real and what’s not. We use this tactic all the time.

For choosing the date of the attacks, I had a personal touch. As leader of the team, I chose 11 September 2001. Exactly 60 years to the day that my parents were killed by the Einsatzgruppen in the Ukraine.

For me those towers we’re the symbol of the fascist imperialist. Our plan was to use the U.S. to kill our enemies and at the same time draw the U.S. in a swamp where they would drown. We were convinced the aggressive and arrogant way the U.S. would avenge the terrorist attacks, would overstretch them in many ways. The U.S. would be hated by the world. Through they’re revenge and arrogance they would dig their own graves.

For the American power elite the 9/11 attacks seemed a gift from heaven in many ways. They made a lot of money through military contracts, oil contracts, security contracts and maybe best of all, through the destruction of World Trade Center building 1, 2 and 7, a lot of insider trading and fraud investigations were destroyed. A lot of government investigation teams were based in the WTC buildings and all evidence was lost on that god given day. That’s why we got away with it.

Our cover was almost blown by some young Mossad agents. They were arrested after a witness saw them cheering, dancing and laughing, while filming the attacks on the World Trade Center from the other side of the river. Our contacts in the press we’re able to keep the story out of the headlines and after a few weeks they were released from prison without charges and put on a plane to Israel.

From day one Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda organization was blamed for the attacks. Al Qaeda was a CIA front organization. They were used by the CIA all over the world. Afghanistan, Bosnia, and wherever the CIA needed a terrorist attack for their own benefit. The leaders of Al Quida are aware of this but a lot of foot soldiers think they are fighting for Islam and the Arab world.

Looking back now, some years later, the operation was a big success. Our enemies were cut down, one by one. We earned a lot of money by American defense and security contracts and we got more and more land from the Palestinians. So far so good.

But then I found out we were fucked all the way.

A few days ago I was detained for my involvement with 9/11. My case will not go to court because it’s too painful for the Israeli- US relations. The American officials think it’s best to accept the things as they are and use them to their advantage. When these things would come to light they would hurt the US foreign policy.

A U.S. interrogator, who was actually an Italian fascist from the former P2 loge told me his version of our history. He told me this because he was sure I would be executed within a few days, never to be seen again. To my best knowledge, his story went something like this.

He asked me if I knew the story of the Golem. I asked him if he thought I was an idiot. “Of course, every Jew knows the Golem”, I said.  

“Well”, my interrogator said. “In the beginning God created the earth with the power of the word. Just by saying something he created. The First holy man understood that they had that power to. The story goes that God created man from the earth and so did a certain Rabbi in the story about the Golem. He created a monster from the earth to kill his enemies.

In the same way we created a golem or golems. We created the Bolsheviks to sabotage the Russian army, so we didn’t have to fight on two fronts. We thought there would be a civil war in Russia which would kill those Jewish Bolsheviks bastards and through the internal turmoil the Tsar and his army would be no threat to Germany. Of course we were wrong.

We underestimated the power of Marxism and the threat it would be for the Christian church. We underestimated the power of the Jews and their hate for the Tsar.

Our divide and conquer method didn’t work so well so after the Russian revolution we had a meeting in the Vatican. By we, I mean the heads of the church, the CEO of the Multinationals and the heads of the European monarchies. I wasn’t there personally off course, but that’s the Group I belong to.

After some time we came to the conclusion that we had to create a force against the Bolsheviks. They agreed that socialism was a very appealing creed for all the losers and poor people in the world, so we had to create a new form of socialism. A Jesuit in the room said he knew a socialist who was kicked out of the socialist party. He could be the perfect man. He was a charismatic guy who could bring this new creed to life. There were others who knew some frustrated WW1 veterans in Germany who were right for the job. Others would try this scheme in other countries. The experiment was started. Indeed, the time was right for socialism. People wanted to be free and make their own choices. Darwinism was at a rise and the influence of the church was declining.

Soon Mussolini, our straw man, came to power in Italy and some years later Hitler and Franco came to power in Germany and Spain.

We created this Golem to save the church and the monarchies. In the end it created another world war and after that several other wars all over the World. The stone we threw in the pond in 1920 still echoes to this day.

Was it worth the destruction of whole nations and economies and the death of hundreds of millions of people? That’s hard to answer. I think, in the end, yes.

After the war we created Israel to use the country to divide the Arab World. We were afraid the Arabs would be too powerful with all that oil and we had to make sure they we’re on our side.

Since then we always used the Jewish and Zionist cause. Now and then we were irritated by the actions of our Israeli friends but most of the time we were able to use those actions to our own advantage. We were always sure to put the Jews in the spotlights. That’s why everyone who starts to research history, comes up with Jewish names. We put them up front in the media and finance so we can work from the shadows.

When we first heard of the “Clean Break” plans, we were able to use them to get rid of some dirt we collected over the years.

In the First place there was the “Black Eagle Trust.” I don’t know if you ever heard of that, but as you may know we are talking here about billions and billions of dollars of War loot from WW2. A lot of the gold and other things that we’re stolen by the Nazi’s and the Japanese were brought to a mountain on the Philippines. A Japanese officer told about the treasure, to save his life. We found the treasure and used the money to finance covert CIA operations around the World. We used 240 million dollars of the Black Eagle Trust to create bonds to destabilize the Russian Ruble in the 90’s, so we could rob the country. These bonds were on a 10 years lease and were signed on 11 September 1991. Those bonds we’re a heavy burden for us so we used the attacks on 9/11 to get rid of some financial troubles we had. Luckily, World Trade Tower building 7 was also destroyed. That’s where all the financial controlling agencies were seated. The normal laws, that we’re in place; we’re suspended for 15 days. In that time we cleaned up our shit and I can tell you almost all of Wall Street cleaned up their shit.

So that was one aspect. The second one was our goal to control Central Asia and the Middle East, to create wars so the defense budget would go up and our weapon and safety industry would get more money. We are convinced that he, who controls Central Asia, controls the world. Our oil friends were also very happy with the attacks on the Middle East and we were able to put some laws in place so we could defend our political system.

You know, life is just a struggle and war is the creative force in our universe. Without struggle and war we would still be living in a cave. I don’t feel guilty for millions of people dying when in the end it brings human life as a whole forward. In our opinion life is not something individual, not a struggle for every single person, where every single person struggles for the survival of their DNA. No, we as human beings want to become Gods and the only way to achieve that is to let go of good and evil. There is no good and evil, there is only the creation of the First human god. That’s our ultimate goal. That means that the human being as we know it will no longer be there in about 100 years. By then there will be gene selected living beings, who will live with some kind of a biorobot body. We have been pursuing our goals for hundreds of years and we are getting very close now.

But don’t let me bore you with our plans for the future, since you have no future.”

Well, that’s it. This was my story. I hope you can forgive me, but you’ll have to understand that I did what I did for the survival of the Jewish people.

Anyway, I wanted to say I love you with all my heart, give Avi and Sarah a big kiss and a warm hug from me and tell them I love them. Maybe we will meet again somehow someday.